Planetai Space

Maria Fernanda Gonzalez Gutierrez

Non-indigenous species (NIS) are those species introduced outside their natural past or present range which might survive and reproduce. Some NIS can be invasive with potential to change native community composition and cause local population extinction.

These objectives seek to develop innovative solutions through Earth Observation and Machine Learning techniques addressing the invasion of Non-indigenous species (NIS) and supporting international and European environmental policies. Regulation (EU) No. 1143/2014 on invasive alien species addresses this issue and starts to include some marine species. In the Mediterranean Sea for example Rugulopteryx Okamura seems to have reduced the health of the Mediterranean carbon sink, Posidonia Oceanica. The ASAI project is an early warning and risk management system for marine NIS designed by Planetai Space. It has an algorithm based on modern Machine Learning techniques (spectral signature and Deep Learning) in order to obtain a powerful solution to classify algae. This system could be used in the future to monitor other places in the world using other satellite constellations.

Restoration and preservation of ocean habitats
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