New approach on holistic coral reef restoration and conservation

Sarah Abdelhamid

Coral reefs are threatened and declining worldwide. The Red Sea could serve a one of the last refugees for corals until we have managed to stabilise the climate.

I aim to establish a comprehensive and mindful coral restoration initiative within the Somabay Safaga region. The project will commence by conducting a thorough coral taxonomy monitoring of the bay. Subsequently, during coral spawning nights, we will collect samples using fluorescent equipment to enhance their growth in the laboratory. Our approach involves strengthening the corals before carefully reintroducing the species to the reef, ensuring minimal disruption to the natural ecology of specific coral taxa in their designated areas. This program will receive support through tridacna restoration efforts and will also include the monitoring and observation of turtles in the region.

Somabay, Egypt
Somabay, Egypt
Restoration and preservation of ocean habitats
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