Dear Body of Water

Gretchen Ernster Henderson (With UA Poetry Center & Wick Poetry Center at Kent State U):

Water is treated as an economic, inanimate resource yet is animate and animating. What bodies of water are overlooked or neglected? More than water rights, can we consider rights of and for water?

Dear Body of Water is a poetic water-harvesting project using digital and mail-art to collectively address bodies of water as fellow beings on this Earth to cultivate care for watersheds. The act of collectively addressing bodies of water as living beings (as in, Dear Body of Water) hopes to reframe water in the climate crisis (beyond rising seas/retreating rivers, floods/droughts) less by fear than by care: growing communal interrelations.

Tucson, AZ, USA ~ a global project
Tucson, AZ, USA ~ a global project
Restoration and preservation of ocean habitats; Other
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