Pilar Muñoz Muga

Algae created oxygenated atmosphere via photosynthesis, enabling complex life. Today algae support planetary/human health, but are threatened by pollution, climate change, overexploitation and habitat destruction, despite most people being unaware of algae

To promote public understanding and appreciation of science, an emotional connection is required with diverse audiences (Lockwood et al. 2020). One way to achieve this connection is through the combined use of science and art. While traditional science education emphasizes the cognitive domain of learning (i.e., understanding, comprehension, application), art manages to motivate people by focusing on the affective domain (i.e., engagement, attitude, emotion) (Friedman 2013). Digital animation documentaries are an artistic audiovisual genre with great potential to transmit scientific knowledge. The multimedia use of words, sounds and images reflects and transforms our relationship with knowledge. In fact, scientific documentaries not only illustrate, but they also activate scientific claims and allow for the visualization of knowledge while corroborating hypotheses (van Dijck 2006). In this context, the project titled "algarithm", a short documentary where we accompany a seaweed as it dives into the ocean to experience how these organisms benefit us daily, and how we can contribute to their conservation. The format is digital animation developed using Unreal Engine. An algorithm is defined as a procedure or set of rules used in calculation and problem-solving (Oxford English Dictionary 2023). We propose the concept of "algarithm" which we define as The processes carried out by algae that ensure the sustainability of our planet.. It is expected that the "algarithm" experience will allow citizens to acquire basic knowledge about algae so that this knowledge can circulate horizontally through a dialogue with the scientific world. Thus, people will be able to make responsible decisions based on resources and sustainability, ensuring the conservation of algae and therefore of life on the planet.

Valparaíso, Chile
Valparaíso, Chile
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